26 Agustus 2016

Gepard Frigate of Vietnamese Navy Spotted in the Black Sea

26 Agustus 2016

Gepard frigate for the Vietnamese Navy (all photos : BaoDatViet)

Russia forumer has posted pictures 2nd pair Russian Gepard vessels are close to the Vietnam Navy sea trials.

According to public image, the ship is being pulled on the Volga (not far from the factory Zelenodoslk). Much equipment and weapons was a complete installation, except for the complex radar (Mineral-ME radars already in place bow) and Uran missile launch tube-E. And most likely, the move to the river ship is to prepare for the long journey of the Black Sea trials.

However, it is strange that this Gepard warships still not been finalized main mast. While the photographs show a few months ago the pair's second Gepard ships Vietnam has almost completed superstructure.

Speaking about the time of handing over the ship to Vietnam Gepard, Portal State Corporation quoted Andrei Spiridonov Rostex - official representative of Zelenodolsk shipyard, the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) informed: "until the end of summer, warships present in the waters of the plant (Vietnam Gepard vessels), will install the latest equipment components. the duration of sea trials of the ship is expected in September / 2016 "

This information means that the time of handing over the 2nd pair Gepard ships to Vietnam in August and 9/2016 as planned will not be achieved. And is capable of information handed pair Gepard ships in 8-9 month / 2016 are technical handover at the plant, not the handover complete vessels pairs in Vietnam.

Earlier, the plan was handed the general director Maxim Gorky plant, Renat MistahovRenat Mistahov said two ships Gepard 3 and 4 will in turn hand over to Vietnam in October 8 and 9, 2016, earlier than planned 2017. Currently the work is completed to 65%.

Reportedly, this is not the first time the pair planned handover 2nd warship to Vietnam Gepard is revealed, in late May 4/2016, IHS Jane's magazine also reported that Russia will hand over the ship Gepard 3.9 3rd and 4th Vietnam in the third quarter and the fourth in 2016.

"Both 2 underground train hunting version will be launched respectively in April and May 5/2016, then we will begin basic tests" - he Mistakhov said, and added that "the ship will be handed over to Vietnam in the third quarter 2016 ".

Thus, information about the time of handing over the next couple Gepard vessels for Vietnam are constantly changing Russian side. Initially the information said, the deliveries will be carried out in 2016, but then, the engine problems caused the expected time back to 2017 and so far, CEO shipyard Zelenodolsk said the third quarter of 2016.

Earlier, in the 2015 financial statements of Zelenodolsk plant also highlighted by the delay in handing over the engine from the Ukraine has made progress of construction of the two vessels significantly delayed.

Specifically, with the train number 956 (the first of the pair of 2nd train), the construction period is 51 months new (from baseline to 42 months), ship number 957 new construction time is 54 months (from baseline to 46 months). And with a new notification from the State Corporation Rostex, this delay is probably still not improved.

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