20 Agustus 2016

Russian Newspaper: Vietnam Purchase T-90 Training System

20 Agustus 2016

T-90MS MBT (photo : survincity)

According to sources from the company Almaty, Vietnam and Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of understanding on the provision of training simulation system tanks - armored.

Representatives of Almaty, said Alexander Klimenko said: "The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding and will have a longer record of exports, this is only the beginning of our work will provide the equipment been to Vietnam ".

In addition, the Almaty also introduced its achievements for Vietnam counterparts. Specifically, simulation training systems with a full range of features of the helicopter Mi-17, special features of the Mi-17 aerobatics.

In particular, the Almaty to Vietnam also introduced simulation training systems with full features for T-72 tanks. But Kazakhstan is not yet confirmed the information.

But if the deal is to be authentic, this is good news next to the armored forces of Vietnam, by Russian producers previously published information also said Vietnam has ordered the number of tanks T- 90 MS more than speculation.

Manufacturer uralvagonzavod said, to meet the needs of today's modern and straight up, Vietnam has conducted meetings and ordering buy new T-90MS tanks from Russia to gradually replace outdated tubers blow.

Russian representatives have confirmed that Vietnam will buy in large quantities more than the initial figure of only 28 units.

According to the manufacturer introduced uralvagonzavod, T-90MS tanks are equipped with engines capacity of 1130 hp with automatic transmission 7 and 1 reverse amount, Sosna-U PNM viewfinder, automatically controlled turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS mounted 7.62 mm caliber Dalian, inertial navigation systems GLONASS and in particular with explosive reactive armor new enhanced protection capabilities.

Earlier it was reported that Vietnam has agreed to acquire T-90 or T-90A. They are earlier versions of T-90MS. Comparison of physical characteristics and their ability to fight is clearly superior to T-90MS.


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  1. Kalau ada yg sempat baca or nonton youtube belakangan ini, kita bakal liat di Tank Biathlon MBT terbaru China yg baru saja di pilih oleh Thailand mengalami patah roda penggerak depan. So, pilih T90 buat Vietnam adalah pilihan yang tepat. Congrats buat Vietnam