24 Agustus 2016

SKYKEEPER : Modern Air Modern and Control TNI AU

24 Agustus 2016

Sistem Skykeeper (photo : TRS)

Skykeeper adalah salah satu lini produk dari Thales Raytheon System (TRS) untuk Air Control and Command System (ACCS)  Center dan dalam hal ini digunakan oleh Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU) untuk pemantauan Objek udara di wilayah NKRI dan sekitar-nya. Skykeeper mulai digunakan oleh TNI-AU pada sekitar tahun 2007 silam. 

Skykeeper sendiri merupakan nama software yang dikembangkan dalam platform Unix dan berjalan di SUN Solaris OS. Pada pengembangannya Skykeeper sendiri telah dapat berjalan di platform Windows dengan nama Skyview.


Skykeeper: Air Command and Control

The ThalesRaytheonSystems' Skykeeper solution is designed to meet the need to deploy a system of systems in modern air operations. Skykeeper consists of field-proven Air Command and Control software products, and meets the latest requirements for extended Air Defense, joint operations coordination, training, simulation and exercises.

A system integration expertise:
Skykeeper is the result of more than 30 years of expertise in:

Sensor integration
Integration of communication networks
Interoperability with adjacent/ external centers and systems
Retrofit/ upgrade of existing infrastructures
Weapons systems connectivity

Scalable to customer’s requirements :
Skykeeper is expandable from standard off-the-shelf systems to fully tailored systems:

Fixed and deployable centers
Regional, national, multinational configurations
High-performance functions suitable for new needs :
The real time and non-real time Skykeeper functions are mainly...

Planning, targeting, tasking
Decision aids for mission monitoring
- sensor management
- multi-sensor tracking
- identification
Threat assessment
Airspace management: ACO
Force management: ATO
Air mission control:
- weapon assignment
- fighter intercept control
Air traffic control:
- flight plan management
- track-flight plan correlation
Air operations resource managementExtended Air Defence
Tactical ballistic missiles:
- trajectory prediction
- impact area prediction
- launch point estimation
Training and simulation
Support functions:
- system monitoring and control
- data recording and replay
- data links: X25, HDLC, specific protocols Link16, Link11, Link1, etc.

State of the art features:
Skykeeper is based on an open architecture, including COTS hardware and software. Main features are the following:

Hot stand-by, reconfiguration
Object- Oriented Development:
- UML design
- object-oriented middleware
- design pattern (proxy- server architecture, Corba)
Integration of Intranet / Internet technologies (Java, HTML)
Integration of office tools
Portability of applications:
- Unix, Linux, Windows NT
- workstations, multiprocessor servers, PC
Logistic support:
- documentation, training, maintenance and repair service, technical assistance
ISO 9001 and AQAP 110


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