09 Agustus 2016

Special Type Osa-II Ship of Vietnamese Navy

09 Agustus 2016

Vietnam Navy operates eight Osa-II FAC-M (photo : Truongsa7)

In addition to the P-15 missiles, warships Osa-II class of Vietnam Navy gunboats also equipped with a powerful AK-230 tactical and combat the enemy like none other.

AK-230 is a naval gun system of the Soviet Union, which consists of two 30 mm cannon barrel NN-30 using water-cooled structure, is lead shot by Drum Tilt or Muff Cobb radar function is room.

Besides, the AK-230 also can be used to destroy small targets such as water or torpedo speedboats ...

Osa-II class FAC-M of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : Chris&Steve)

Development work automatic gun started in 1950 and completed in 1969, it is acceptable for vessels equipped with fast attack missile torpedo boats Osa along with small class Shershen.

Has a total of 1,450 AK-230 is manufactured in the Soviet Union and 300 manufactured in China under the name of the Type 69.

AK-230 gun (photo : baodatviet)

Although quite a lot of time researching but AK-230 to become outdated quickly, by the end of 1970 it was replaced by "junior" AK-630.

Rate of fire: 1000 play / min / barrel; maximum range of 6.7 km; effective range of 2.5 to 4 km; muzzle velocity: 1,050 m / s; reserve base ammo: 500 rounds per barrel independence (including explosive projectile OF-83D piece armor piercing ammunition accompanied BR-83).

P-15 Termit missile (photo : baodatviet)

Also gunboats AK-230, the main weapon aboard Osa II class missile Vietnam Navy's P-15 missiles.

Missile P-15 Termit achieve a maximum range of 80 km, mounted high explosive warheads weighing up to 454 kg. Theoretical calculations, if all 4 rounds, the reporter Osa II ships capable of destroying 16,000 tons sized cruisers.

Vietnam Navy operates eight Osa-II FAC-M (photo : baodatviet)

Tactical combat Osa II rocket ship usually "hit and run". After missile launch, the ship quickly accelerated Osa II fled.

The ship is equipped with 3 engine capacity of 12,000 kW and 3 propellers allow it to achieve high speed 40 knots / h.


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