09 September 2016

Delivery of Leopard 2 RI MBTs to Indonesia to be Completed Early in 2017

09 September 2016

 Leopard 2 RI MBT (photo : Kaskus Militer)

Indonesia has taken delivery of 24 of the 61 Leopard 2 RI (Republic of Indonesia) main battle tanks (MBTs) ordered from Rheinmetall Defence in December 2012, sources told IHS Jane's on 8 September.

The balance of 37 MBTs would be delivered in two tranches, concluding in March 2017, the sources added.

The tanks form part of a USD280 million contract encompassing the Leopard 2 RIs, 42 Leopard 2+ MBTs - standard Leopard 2 A4s with the addition of a bustle-mounted air conditioning system - 42 upgraded Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles, and 11 armoured recovery and engineering vehicles from surplus German Army stocks.


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