20 September 2016

Kasta-2E2 Specialized Radar to Detect Cruise Missiles of Vietnam

20 September 2016

Kasta 2E2 radar of the Vietnam (all photos : KienThuc)

Vietnam air defense forces has long since turned out to be equipped with Kasata-2E2 radar capable to detect cruise missiles which flying extremely low.

Information about Kasta radar-2E2 has serviced of Air Defence - Air Force in the People's Army of Vietnam was revealed in the article about "Factory A29" of press room, Air Force. notably A29 have mastered a technology component to repair Kasta-2E2 radar modules. 

With Kasta-2E2, the realm of possibility, the team's early warning radar of the Air Defence - Air Force was raised to a new level, almost complete protection networked motherland sky. Because this is the type of radar is capable of extremely good catch low altitude, can detect stealth cruise missiles which flying low to very low.

According to the Rosoboronexport, 39N6E Kasta-2E2 is a combination of low station started looking round 3 parameters are designed for control tasks the airspace and provide intelligence parameter range, the location and altitude of the target aircraft type (fixed aircrfat, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles fly low or ultra-low traction) with reflective section in conditions of low electromagnetic interference terrain and intense meteorological interference.

Kasta-2E2 radar complexes likely used for military operations and civilian diverse as: the operation of the Air Force air defense systems, coastal defense operations and border surveillance, coordination activities air traffic and airspace monitoring airport peak.

Kasta-2E2 radar combined with components designed to block blocks development of semiconductor lamps, signal processing blocks of digital and synchronized rejection resistant to electromagnetic interactions of other electronic weaponry works in the squad at close range (resistance to noise reaches 50dB), block error correction synchronous control, antenna transceiver blocks mounted on 14m high vehicles to detect low flying targets, antenna transceiver block 50m on high trailers, mass remote control station.

Kasta-2E2 combinations include : a transceiver ammunition vehicles; an enclosed rotating car antenna AD-30 power stations and transformers using grid power; a backup diesel power station located on the gear wheel wagon; 2 van pulling a passenger bridge accessories; a remote control station capable of radio control from a distance of up to 300m.

Kasta-2E2 started looking round low  5-150km range reconnaissance, 6km altitude, can begin sticking together no less than 50 goals, continuous operation is not less than 20 days.

Kasta-2E2 is a combination of effective radio and stability, convenient operation and safe, easy maintenance, convenient to transport on vehicles traffic, high noise resistance features, capable findings from long range target aircraft types flying low and slow small. 

Unit price Kasta-2E2 system according to Rosoboronexport is about $ 30 million.


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