21 September 2016

Russia Said the Candidate to Replace PT-76B of Vietnam

21 September 2016

Sprut SDM-1 (photos : russiadefence)

According to Interfax news agency, probably Vietnam will buy amphibious tanks Sprut-SDM-1 to replace the ageing PT-76B combat vehicles.

According to the source, at the Army-2016 Exhibition, tractor manufacturing complexes Russia has introduced a new range of military equipment, including self-propelled gun Sprut-SDM-1 Vietnam interested.

Earlier, at the Army-2015, RIA Novosti citing Russian military said the assault gun Sprut-SDM-1 is gaining special attention from many customers, including Vietnam and 2 sides conducted a discussion on this weapon.

According to the introduction from the Russian manufacturer, Sprut-SDM1 is self-propelled gun was fitted to the Russian military forces landed not with firepower, easily destroy tanks, armored vehicles of the enemy .

Sprut-SDM1 is the upgraded version of the tank destroyer Sprut-SD and was named the assassin killing of Russian military increased. Vehicles weighing 18 tons, 3 person crew, 500 hp engine power, maximum speed of 70km/h on asphalt, 10km/h when swimming.

The main armament of the Sprut-SDM1 is 125mm smooth-bore cannon with the automatic reloading system, rate of fire from the 6-8 play / min. Especially as this barrel can be used for anti-tank rocket launcher.

Vietnamese PT-76B amphibious tank (photo : soha)

Apart from 125mm main gun, Sprut SDM1 is equipped with additional remote control machine gun with the ammunition 7,62mm 1,000 round is mounted on the turret with reconnaissance equipment.

Compared to the version previously Sprut-SD, we easily notice the difference because the roof of Sprut SDM1 is equipped with a remote control machine guns 7,62mm, also for Sprut-SD does not have .

Integrated vehicle monitoring devices automatic target gunner and commander can hit targets not only from machine guns but also with long-range missiles to 5km.

Also, Sprut-SDM1 is equipped with thermal imaging sight system allows combat in all weather conditions, day and night.


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  1. mendingan ini sih daripada BMP-3f, kaliber 125mm nya dicomot dari T-90 bisa buat ngelobangin Leopard-2, wkwkwk...

    1. Yah bos. Tujuannya beda. Sprut buat anti-tank/vehicle makanya dikasih 125 mm. BMP-3F itu IFV dan sea-worthy kata kuncinya Infantry, berarti buat angkut infantry dan fire support infantry. Makanya dikasih 30 mm dan ATGM. Jadi jangan dipukul rata dong bos haha.

    2. Sekalian bandingin ama caesar nexter oom, lebih gaban lagi mm nya kan hehe...,

    3. Raden: nanggung.. bandingin sekalian sama koksan gun punya korea utara, 170mm buat tusbol apapun maknyuus...

  2. Masukkan komentar Anda...sprut itu kemampuan amphbinya rendah banget....apalagi kalau dilaut berombak...mampus kena gulung ombak

  3. Mungkin dia LELAH broo...