23 September 2016

DND Vows More Upgraded APCs for Army

23 September 2016

M113A2 with a 25mm automatic cannon (photo : John Chua)

Lorenzana vows to purchase more upgraded armored tanks for Army

CAPAS, Tarlac (PIA) -- Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana vowed Tuesday to support the acquisition of more upgraded armored tanks for the Philippine Army.

After the close inspection of the M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC),

Lorenzana emphasized that he will concentrate on the allotment of additional budget for the purchase of more APCs.

“We will get more of these [armored vehicles]. Hopefully, we can allocate funds from the government,” he stressed.
M113A2 of the PA (photo : dwdd)

Lorenzana noted that they can save bullets because of the concentrated shots of APCs.   Aside from this, he intends to bring President Rodrigo Duterte to personally scrutinize the upgraded armored vehicles.

“I’m sure he [President Duterte] will be delighted to see these [APCs],” Lorenzana added.

Currently, there are four upgraded armored tanks in the Mechanized Infantry Division that will eventually be assigned in Sulu.


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