10 September 2016

Thailand Approves 2017 Defence Budget of USD 6 Billion

09 September 2016

Royal Thai Navy fleet (photo : thai defense news)

Thailand's National Assembly has approved a 2017 defence budget of THB210.7 billion (USD6 billion), the country's military government said on 8 September.

The 2017 defence budget amounts to 7% of total government expenditure during the year and comes into effect from October. The government said the 2017 defence allocation represents a slight increase, or THB220 million, over actual military spending in 2016.

Documents published by the government's Bureau of the Budget show that the new defence allocation is a 2% increase over the original 2016 expenditure of THB206.4 billion. It is also notable that the approved budget for 2017 is a decrease on the THB214 billion requested by the Ministry of Defence earlier this year.


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