22 September 2016

Hobart AWD During First Series of Builder’s Sea Trials

22 September 2016

HMAS Hobart 39 during sea trials (all photos : Aus AWD) 

At 9.20am on Monday 12 September 2016, the future Air Warfare Destroyer Hobart departed the wharf at Techport Adelaide for the first time to commence several days of ship builder sea trials off the coast of South Australia.

This first phase of trials is designed to test the ship’s hull, propulsion and navigation systems. A second phase of more advanced trials will take place in early 2017 when Hobart tests its combat and communications systems.

The commencement of Sea Trials is a significant milestone for the Air Warfare Destroyer project and a major step towards delivery of the most capable warships ever operated by the Royal Australian Navy.

The AWD Alliance consisting of the Commonwealth, ASC and Raytheon Australia is scheduled to deliver the first destroyer in mid-2017. 

This September, the Air Warfare Destroyer Project enters an exciting new phase with Hobart commencing its first series of sea trials, Builder’s Sea Trials. This phase will demonstrate the functionality of the ship’s propulsion, maneuvering, auxiliary, control and navigation systems. Following Builder’s Sea Trials, in early 2017 Hobart will undertake further trials to test and demonstrate the ship’s more advanced systems and the combat system performance.

Hobart will conduct Builder’s Sea Trials off the coast of South Australia over several days in September. Throughout this period the ship will be operated under the command of a civilian Master and crew, augmented by specialists from Alliance partners ASC and Raytheon Australia and other equipment suppliers, who will perform the system testing and trials. Before the ship is put to sea, the AWD Alliance will conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure the safety of the ship, embarked personnel, the environment and other seafarers. This assessment is defined as the Alliance Sea Trials Release Process and has three major steps; the Sea Worthiness Assessment, Ship Sea Trials Release and Sea Readiness Confirmation.

During Builder’s Sea Trials, whilst the ship is at sea, a dedicated shore support team will remain in constant communications with the Ship’s Master to assist the ship and ensure the success of the trials.  In the lead up to Builder Sea Trials the AWD Alliance continues to complete a number of important alongside dock trials - testing the ships systems before it departs to sea for the first time.  Tests include Inclining Trials, measuring the ship’s stability and vertical centre of gravity, and Bollard Trials, testing the ship’s propulsion system.

(Aus AWD)

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