11 Mei 2010

Airbus to Ship KC-30 Support Equipment to RAAF

11 Mei 2010

The first RAAF KC-30 refuels from a French KC-135 during trials last year. (Airbus Military)

Airbus Military has started shipping tooling, spares and other support equipment to the RAAF and prime contractor Qantas Defence Services to support the introduction of the KC-30A Multirole Tanker Transports, the first of which will be delivered this year.

Over the next three months, Airbus Military will deliver 4000 spares and 500 units of ground support equipment to support the five KC-30As, which will be maintained by QDS under a through life support contract. QDS plans to base 50 staff at RAAF Base Amberley to manage the program, in addition to two field service representatives from Airbus, with 33 Squadron for three years to ensure a smooth entry into service.

Two KC-30As are currently involved in flight testing in Spain, including the first aircraft to have completed its conversion into a tanker at Qantas’s facilities at Brisbane Airport. A third tanker is currently being converted there.

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