20 Mei 2010

New Method for Camouflage System

20 Mei 2010

Malaysia's Army vehicle with new camouflage system (photos : KLSReview)

Malaysia's New Camouflage Coating Technology Can Be Disguised 2,000 Tanks a Day

KUALA LUMPUR KLS Report: Malaysia MKT launched one day be known simply as the 2000 car to the entire vehicle camouflage technology. Ma Guoguo by the MKT with Science And Technology Research Institute For Defence (STRIDE) introduced field camouflage system (Field Apply Camouflage System, FACS), was that the military used to replace the long "tiger camouflage" (Celoreng Harimau Belang).
Apart from the normal operational services contracted "tiger camouflage", the troops and military vehicles were also painted with the same camouflage.
"Tiger stripes camouflage" paint are all ways, time-consuming, laborious, and behind, is not cost-effective. MKT Company introduced camouflage camouflage sticker means solve this dilemma. However, its weakness lies in the wild thorns stickers easily scratched. In any case, according to the company, its merits still more excellent way than the paint coating.
Infra-red imaging with new camouflage (photo : Standupper)

MKT company also said that although the sticker camouflage means they will inevitably be scratched, but compared to the paint method has the advantage of the new camouflage sticker affixed anytime, anywhere, and just a few minutes. Usually a small paint camouflage paint if he scratches, will not be processed.

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