15 Mei 2010

Malaysia Tests Air Defense Capability

15 Mei 2010

Starburst, UK-made manportable SAM, effective range : 0,3-7,0 km (photo : nst)

'Asean Should Cooperate to Beef up Defence'

KOTA TINGGI: The armed forces yesterday tested its newly-acquired FN-6, a third generation passive infrared portable air defence system developed by China.

FN-6, China-made manportable SAM, effective range 6 km (photo : Tempur)

The surface to air missile, designed to engage low-flying targets at a range of 6km and a maximum altitude of 3.5km, is the latest addition to the armed forces' inventory.

Igla 9K310 with Dzighit launcher, Russia-made SAM, effective range 5,9km (photo : Militaryphotos)
Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who witnessed the testing of the missile, said he was satisfied with the test results.
Anza Mk II, Pakistan-made manportable SAM, 5 km range effective (photo : Militaryphotos)

The missile firing exercise called "Panah Jaguh 1/2010", at Tanjung Logok here, also saw the testing of the Target Acquisition Radar Systems (TRML-3D), supplied by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co (EADS).

Jernas, UK-made SHORAD, range 9km (photo : Gokart)

Other artillery weapons tested included the 35mm Oerlikon/Skyguard, Jernas missile, Igla missile, Anza Mk-II missile, Starburst missile and Giraffe radar.

Blindfire fire control Dagger radar for Jernas, effective range 15km (photo : kmbyaf)

Also present was army chief Gen Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail Jamaluddin.

Zahid said armed forces personnel must be prepared at all times with the best artillery and equipment.

TRML-3D, European-made radar, the radar has a range of 200 km (photo : EADS)

He said Asean countries needed to strengthen knowledge-sharing in defence technology and reduce dependence on technology from Western countries.
Giraffe PS-70 is a short-range (40 km instrumented range) air defence radar (photo : kbmyaf)

Zahid, who had just returned from Hanoi, added that although Malaysia had acquired the latest defence technology from the West, it could, at the same time, share them with its neighbours, with the consent of the suppliers.

Skyguard radar for Oerlikon twin cannon, effective range 15km (photo : chunky)

"By doing this, we can ensure that a large portion of the money spent for defence is circulated among the Asean countries.

Oerlikon GDF-003 twin 35mm cannon, effective range 4km (photo : kbmyaf)

" Zahid said Asean countries should also hold more joint exercises to beef up defence and security in the region.

Another air defense artillery arsenals are L-70 and Bofors 40mm (photo : kbmyaf)
He also said the armed forces would send a medical team to Afghanistan. "The government is waiting for the green light from Afghanistan to send the team of 60 personnel. The deployment of the team is an effort to show our country's commitment to promoting peace in the country."

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