07 Mei 2010

Indonesia's IAe Developing New 19-Seat Aircraft

07 Mei 2010

IAe's N-219, a new 19 seat aircraft (image : flyingjetfighter)

Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) is developing a new 19-seat turboprop aircraft, the IAe N219, that will be pitched at Indonesian operators.

The N219 has a list price of $3.5 million, and is being marketed mostly to small charter operators that need a rugged and reliable aircraft that is affordable, says IAe director of aero-structure Andi Alisjahbana.

Its other major selling point is the N219 has three abreast seating and one of the largest passenger cabins in its class, he adds.

Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,000 islands so there is huge demand for air travel, says Alisjahbana.

This aircraft will have a larger than average wing and "ours will be a tapered wing", he adds.

The aircraft's maximum take-off weight will be around 7t and its maximum payload, passengers and baggage, will be 2.5t, he says. The company aims to ensure the aircraft can land on runways shorter than 600m (1,967ft).

The high-wing short take-off and landing aircraft will be powered by two 850-900hp turboprop engines and the manufacturer is likely to select the
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, says Alisjahbana.

It has yet to decide on avionics but is likely to choose between the Garmin G1000 and the Honeywell Apex system, he says.

The N219 will be a Part 23, rather than a Part 25, aircraft, he adds.

IAe has yet to set a time-frame for the programme but Alisjahbana says it will take three years altogether to develop, build and get the aircraft certificated.

He anticipates IAe will need a firm order for 30 aircraft to kick-start the programme. The company is doing a sales roadshow throughout Indonesia to drum up the launch orders.

IAe is focused primarily on getting Indonesian certification and has no firm plans to seek FAA or EASA certification for the N219, says Alisjahbana.

It can also sell the aircraft in other Southeast Asian countries as they recognise Indonesia's certification process, he adds.

IAe also manufactures the CASA 212-200 under licence from Spain's CASA but the N219 is being developed by IAe independently.

The 212-200 is a Part 25 aircraft that seats 24 passengers, says Alisjahbana.

The Indonesian aircraft-maker's VP, Irzal Rinaldi Zailani, says IAe has approval to manufacture six more -200s before its -200 license ends.

It also has an agreement with CASA to manufacture the newest model, the 212-400, he says.
In 2008, Indonesian state-owned carrier Merpati Nusantara signed an agreement for 10 212-400s but it never became a firm order, says Irzal.

IAe plans to make 212-400s primarily for foreign customers, leaving the N219 for the local market, he adds.

(Flight International)

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