22 Mei 2010

Malaysian Eyes AIM-9X Block II for its Hornet

22 Mei 2010

AIM-9X Sidewinder, short range air to air missile (photo : avsfan)

Kuala Lumpur, KLS: Malaysian Air Force tends to buy AIM-9X Block II from the United States to equip its F-18D Hornet squadron.

Malaysian Air Force Chief General Rodzali bin Daud said the Royal Malaysian Air Force has plan to procure AIM-9X missile from the United States.

He said the procurement deal will be done under Foreign Military Sales and an approval from the U.S Congress is needed.

Rodzali told a press conference today that the RMAF will buy AIM-9X Block II.

Singapore is the first country in this region has openly announced that will import 200 AIM-9X from Raytheon for its F-15SG fleet in 2008. Malaysia will be the second country.

AIM-9X is an improved variant of AIM-9M which can provide the warfighter with the following capabilities: full day/night employment, resistance to countermeasures, extremely high off-boresight acquisition and launch envelopes, greatly enhanced maneuverability and improved target acquisition ranges.

With the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), the AIM-9X allows the F-18D pilot to attack and destroy any airborne enemy with only pointing his head at the target without having to manoeuvre the aircraft.

According to industry sources, Malaysia is going to procure 20 AIM-9X Block II, JDAM ammunition and JHMCS in one package under the F-18D upgrade plan. The Congress is principally agreeing to export those assets to Malaysia though an official approval hasn’t been granted.

If the deal were inked in near future, the delivery will be made after 2013-14.

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