12 Maret 2012

Enhanced Capabilities of Missile Corvettes

12 Maret 2012

Victory class corvettes are being upgrade (photo : sgforums)

As part of the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN's) 3rd Generation transformation, the Victory-class missile corvettes are being upgraded to ensure that they retain the capability and flexibility to meet new and evolving operational demands. To date, three of the six RSN's missile corvettes have completed their upgrades.

The key upgrades to the missile corvettes are:

a. Enhanced Combat Management System.

The Combat Management System will be upgraded similar to Formidable class frigates (photo : Cyberpioneer)

Similar to the Formidable-class frigates, the missile corvettes are equipped with a state-of-the-art combat suite which gives them the ability to deal effectively with various surface, underwater and air threats. The corvette's enhanced Combat Management System (CMS) will aid in the command and control of all sensor and weapon systems on board. It also has embedded intelligence for tracking management, target identification and weapon assignment. This will enable the corvettes to detect and react faster to potential threats.

b. Improved sensors (including unmanned systems).

The UAV will enhance the corvettes ability to conduct maritime surveillance (photo : Sgforums)

Advanced sensor systems are incorporated into the upgraded missile corvettes to enhance their surveillance capability. In addition, the missile corvettes are modified to launch and operate an unmanned aerial vehicle. The addition of this aerial capability affords the missile corvette enhanced situational awareness, as well as surveillance and identification capabilities.

The specifications of the missile corvette are as follows :


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