13 Maret 2012

Vietnam will Upgrade 310 T-54 Tanks

13 Maret 2012

Upgraded T54/55M3 tank pictures (photos : ttvnol)

The armed forces will modernize Vietnam's 10 battalions of tanks T-54 (about 310 machines). These findings make users forum militaryphotos.net. Photos of the first modernized tank T-54/55M3 at number 153 can be found.

As the members of this forum, updated tank was heavy machine gun NSV 12.7 mm, 60 mm mortar/grenade launcher, and meteorological sensors MAWS6056B Idram-SA Switzerland (equivalent on Lecrerc) and German 1000 HP diesel engine.

In addition, armed with T-54/55M3 are L7 105-mm gun and coaxial machine gun PKT 7,62 mm. Upgraded tank mounted further strengthened the Israeli ERA Blazer, a Russian fire control system and the Ukrainian gerabox & transmission.

According to one of the members of the board, modernized tank under the number 153 was most likely made a few years ago and is now used for training of personnel. By assumption, the user, photos of the tank could be made in the training of the tank.

Prototype of upgraded T54/55 tank, those photo published in early 2010 (photo : Quansu)

According to open sources, as of 2010 armed with 850 Vietnam stood the Soviet T-54/55 medium tank production. In addition, the park ground troops in Vietnam has about 350 medium tanks T-59, is a modernized version of the T-54.

T-54/55 MBT which is still operated by Vietnam People's Army (photo : muare)

Tank T-54 was adopted by the Soviet Union in 1946. Since 1958, the tank was manufactured in the modernized T-55 modification. Deliveries T-54/55 tanks were Vietnam from 1970 to 1975 (the last years of Vietnam War).


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