30 Maret 2012

Vietnam to Build Target Designation System for Naval Missiles

30 Maret 2012

With a target designation system will help exploit the full range of the missile. (photo : DatViet)

Naval Institute of Technology (Navy) has successfully built a research target designation systems outside the realm of equipment on board and the system receives target designation, automatically calculate firing parameters for missile navigation.

Operating system reliability, meet the technical requirements, set out strategies, contributing to improving the functionality and efficiency to fight for the rocket ship.

The function of target designation system and shoot element calculations for missile navigation is detected target reconnaissance, target transmission parameters of headquarters and missile forces, fighter aircraft to conduct the target in an unexpected way beyond radar fire, security and computing elements fired rockets fired out of range.

Currently, many countries continue to military research and development, using target designation system modernization. Russian military production and use of the Ka-32 has the function indicator targets.

Many countries use target designation system mounted on the aircraft early warning but generally the cost of these systems are expensive (up to hundreds of millions of dollars).

The scientists at the Naval Institute of Technology has studied the application of information technology, automation technology to design, build target designation system from external equipment on board the plane on the sea.

Building a system to receive target designation and automatically calculates parameters for missile firing; installation testing and system integration on board and build computing software, and synchronous data transmission system target designation system capable of detecting observed, indicating the target missile, ensuring its full range of the missiles for sea.

System indicator targets on the sea for sea missile with low cost, reliable operation, meet the requirement, set out strategies. The system has been installed, successfully tested and delivered to the unit for training and combat readiness.

Along with the target designation system is, to put to use target designation systems will help improve combat readiness of naval forces.

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