23 Maret 2012

Philippine Navy to Sign Contract for MRVs this July

23 Maret 2012

Two MultiRole Vessels (MRVs) along with three new helicopters will be ordered to the Navy. While PT PAL offers Strategic Sealift Vessel LPD for Philippines Navy (photo : Defense Studies)

MANILA — Philippine Navy (PN) flag-officer-in charge Vice Admiral Alexander Pama on Thursday expressed optimism that the contracts for the service's two multi-role vessels (MRVs) will be signed by July this year.

With the expected signing of this vital document, the contracting shipbuilder can proceed ahead with the construction of the above-mentioned ships as per design specification of the Philippine government.

The acquisition cost for the two MRVs is estimated to be worth P10 billion.

Pama said that the two vessels would greatly increase the PN's patrolling and disaster relief mission capabilities as the proposed ships are capable of cruising even at the heaviest seas,aside from being equipped with helicopters and and LCMs, allowing them easy access to calamity-stricken communities.

Aside from the MRVs contract, the PN chief stated that the contract for the three brand-new helicopters for the naval service will also be signed by the end of the year, giving the command's air arm new equipment to fulfill its mandate of patrolling and securing Philippine maritime sovereignty.

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