20 Maret 2012

Exercise Helang Laut 13B/12 Initiated

20 Maret 2012

‘HELANG LAUT 13B/12’ will be held in five days from 19 to 23 March 2012. (photo : Brunei MoD)

MUARA - The Royal Brunei Navy (RBN) and Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL) commenced their five days bilateral naval exercise codenamed ‘HELANG LAUT 13B/12’ in Brunei Darussalam commencing from 19 to 23 March 2012. The exercise is the thirteenth series conducted annually between the two navies and this year is hosted by the RBN.

The aim of the exercise is to strengthen the relationship and enhance mutual co-operation and understanding through the development of common operational doctrines, procedures and tactics.

The exercise is also aimed to provide personnel from both navies with the experience of working together. Some of the main exercises to be conducted will be Night Encounter Exercises, Surface Firing, Maritime Interdiction Training as well as sports interactions.

Two RBN ships are participating in the exercise namely KDB SYAFAAT and KDB AFIAT.

Meanwhile, two TNI-AL ships taking part in the exercise are KRI BARAKUDA and KRI LEMADANG. In addition to this year’s exercise, diving teams from both navies will also be participating. The TNI-AL ships will berth at Muara Naval Base during the period of exercise.

The opening ceremony of the exercise was officiated today by First Admiral Dato Seri Pahlawan Haji Abdul Halim bin Haji Mohd Hanifah, Commander of Royal Brunei Navy. TNI-AL senior officer in attendance at the ceremony was Commodore Pranyoto S.Pi., Commander West Sea Security Task Force.

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