08 Maret 2012

RTA Shown Interest in the Smar Hunter Radar

08 Maret 2012

China's Smart Hunter radar (photo : ADJ)

China’s SmartHunter in Thailand

The “SmartHunter” TH-5711 portable air defence missile operation and command system/ stealth air defence guard is being promoted by well knowned China Xian-based defence equipment producer at Bangkok’s Defense & Security 2012 exhibition.

SmartHunter offers the best solution against modern air threats with the integration of a Manpads/VSHORAD air defence missile system with a long range detection (30km) capability and reliable IFF, fully automated target information and commanding/ network operation.

The SmartHunter system has already been selected and supplied to the Chinese armed forces and also the armed forces of several other countries.

Following the strong interest by the Royal Thai Armed Forces, the producer is keen to provide Thailand with such effective systems.

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