27 Maret 2012

Vietnam Conducts Live Fire Exercise with Su-22M4

27 Maret 2012

The swing wing aircraft Su-22M4 fires rocket to destroy the target. (photo : BaoDatViet)

Recently, at the shooting range TB3, the fighter unit - Su-22M4 striker/bomber, UH-1/Mi-8 transport/armed helicopter of 370 Division conducted live-fire exercises.

In two days 23-24/3, shot at the National School Region 3 (TB3), 370th Air Division held a practice test used missile, rocket and bomb from fighter and helicopter.

The exercise is an opportunity to evaluate the possibility of training for combat readiness of the 370th Division and represent experience and additional training options in next time as well as training organizations to participate in sea shooting practice as planned in 2012.

Su-22MK4 of the Vietnam People's Air Force (photo : Jetphotos)

On behalf of the General Staff to participate in directing the training and testing is Major General Nguyen Duc Kidney, Director General Military Training. Representatives of the Air Defense Command - Air Force Major General Nguyen Van Tho, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff.

In the dazzling sunshine of the Southwest, Division commanding officers and 370 officers and soldiers of the two pilots of the 917th Helicopter Regiment and the 937th Fighter Group at headquarters, on the icy ground and flight the air was working hard, serious, highly effective training.

Before 7am, the Mi-8 crew and UH-1 (917th Regiment) and the fighter squadrons - Su-22M4 bomber (Regiment 937) was waiting in the ready command.

Mi-8 Hip of the Vietnam (photo : Jetphotos)

After about 20 minutes from the airport to the south, the border sorties team practice all tactical air forces, such as coil, low flying mountainous terrain advantage then suddenly plummeted increase the height of the target than fire rocket, missiles and bombs. Just about 5 minutes there is another round of air strikes on ground targets.

Through the vision system and listen to the commanding officer on the bridge reported, people are glad to see young pilots to shoot, very accurate throw. Naked eye, after a series of thundering explosions beams, we also recognize the right column of smoke up a red flag area, the white flag of the target.

In particular, during a practice flight shot, bombed on this land, boldly division first assigned to some young pilots (the youngest born in 1984) and use the UH-1 helicopter improved weapon control system.

UH-1 Huey of the Vietnam (photo : Jetphotos)

The fighter pilot - a bomb made Su-22M4 aircraft fire when all of the complicated and difficult than a normal shot.

After two days of training, Colonel Tran Ngoc Dong, Division Chief Division 370 Air Force, said the units involved in fire tests are reached or excellent. There are many young pilots (pilots born in 1984) shows good bravery and technical level.

After the training tests, even though faculty comments sum up the results, but the comrades Military Training Director General Command and Deputy Commander, Chief of Air Defense - Air Force are satisfied and that the pilots were required to complete a good strategy and techniques to ensure absolute safety.


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