22 Maret 2012

Second TT400TP Ship Undergoes Sea Trial

22 Maret 2012

The Vietnam's second cannon ship TT400TP is hull numbered HQ-273. (photo : BaoDatViet)

Soon after the HQ-272 entered service, recently Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (Z173) has undergone successful test TT400TP (HQ-273) canon ship on Monday.

Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (the General Department of Defense Industry) recently held a test, firing, check all specifications ship of HQ 273 (TT400TP).

Learn from experience in many aspects of the manufacture of cannon ship before, the Company has accepted Hong Ha, HQ 273 vessels completed before the plan for 5 months.

Company and other units having a lot of precious experience under test conditions several times, . HQ 273 was born again confirmed the technical capacity as well as master builds the brand of a sustainable shipbuilding unit has a long history, needs, strategies to protect and develop marine industry of the country.

TT400TP cannon class ship with automatic control operations at sea have four tasks: destroy all amphibious ships and against corvettes, protection, protection on the amphibious fleet and fleet escort in the operation of ships in deployment forces and forces of mines detection, protection of civilian ships at sea and tactical reconnaissance vessel of the water.

Ship has length 54.16 m, width 9.16 m, a maximum speed of 32 nautical miles / hour. Ships operating at sea for 30 days consecutive nights, able to combat the wind conditions for 9, 10, and radiation level 8, a range of 2500 nautical miles.

About weapons, ships equipped with automatic gunboat Ak-176 caliber 76.2 mm can destroy targets at sea and air, air defense artillery Ak-630 (6 barrel 30mm size), and 12,7mm machine guns.


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