22 Maret 2012

Extension of the RSAF’s 150th Squadron in Cazaux-France

22 Maret 2012

RSAF TA-4SU Super Skyhawk at 150th squadron -Cazaux, France (photo : Ask)

On Thursday, March 8, 2012, General Wong Huat Sern, head of the Airforce staff and Singaporean Air Force General Jean-Luc Crochard, with responsibility for external relations of the French Air Force chaired the ceremony of the "first sod" symbolizing the forthcoming construction of the ground training of pilots in the Republic of Singapore Air Force, based at Cazaux Air 120.

Singapore Technologies Aerospace has been mandated to oversee the whole project designed to train pilots on twelve M346 advanced trainer aircraft to equip the future training center.

M-346 in RSAF colour scheme (photo : TheBaseLeg)

The building will include two floors and will house flight simulators, equipment and instructional materials, interactive classrooms and briefing rooms. These tools will help hone the skills of air combat Singaporean student pilots.

In partnership with the Air Force, the first phase of construction will begin soon and the site should be released late 2013, consolidating the bonds of friendship and cooperation between France and Singapore.

Installed in Cazaux for over twelve years, the 150th Squadron is training a dozen pilots each year. With the arrival of the M346 is a new era begins!

(France DoD)

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