03 Februari 2016

Da Nang 186 Submarine Arrived in Vietnam

03 Februari 2016

Star ships carrying submarines Rolldock 186 - Danang anchor in Cam Ranh Bay, at 22h40 on 2/2. (photo: Nguyen Dinh Quan)

TPO - According to schedule, the evening of 2/2 transport ship Rolldock Star (the Netherlands) was carrying Da Nang - 186 kilos submarines arrived in Cam Ranh Bay (Khanh Hoa).

At 22h40 on 2/2, the Rolldock Star ship was anchored at Cam Ranh military port in the bay of Cam Ranh way about 2km to the southwest. 

Da Nang - 186 submarine is the 5th of the 6 ships Varshavyanka 636.1 (kilo) - class diesel electric submarines transferred to Vietnam by Russia's Rosoboronexport arms exporter firm, under a contract dated 15/12 /2009. 

Rolldock Star freighters ship depart carrying Da Nang - 186 to Vietnam from Saint Petersburg (Russia) on the evening of 12/16/2015, out to the Atlantic Ocean on the morning of 12/25/2015. 13/1 at 10 am on the last ship Star Rolldock Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa, the official end of the Atlantic over to start the journey in the Indian Ocean. At 03 am on 28/1, Rolldock Star ships through the Strait of Sunda (Indonesia) to the Indian Ocean into the Java Sea.

30/1 Day morning, Rolldock Star ship to Singapore. After a pause here more than 1 day, noon on ship 31/1 Star Rolldock proceed shuttle Da Nang -186 to Cam Ranh Bay.

Before Da Nang -186 submarine, four kilo submarines were put into service of Brigade 189 submarines, the Navy Vietnam as Hanoi - 182 and Ho Chi Minh - 183 (day 3/4 / 2014), Hai Phong - 184 and Khanh Hoa - 185 (dated 08.01.2015). 


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