03 Agustus 2016

B300 King Air Fleet Returns to Service

03 Agustus 2016

Beechcraft-Raytheon B300 King Air 350 RAAF (photo : Robert Frola)

The Royal Australian Air Force has approved the progressive recommencement of flying of the B300 King Air fleet as of 04 August 2016.

The B300 King Air fleet was temporarily suspended from flying operations on 30 June 2016 as a precautionary safety measure.

As measurement techniques and test equipment continually improve, routine maintenance detected Strontium Chromate inside the Environmental Control System of an aircraft.

Subsequent cleaning of the fleet has been carried out and the aircraft will return to service throughout August.

Results from laboratory tests thus far do not indicate any concerning levels of Chromate or Cadmium being detected in aircrew.

The Royal Australian Air Force remains committed to eliminating or minimising risks to personnel so far as reasonably practicable and will continue to monitor affected aircraft.

There was minimal impact on operations during the short suspension.

No 32 Squadron at RAAF Base East Sale and No 38 Squadron at RAAF Base Townsville operate the B300 King Air fleet.

(Aus DoD)

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