10 Agustus 2016

Israel's Elbit Systems to Upgrade M60A3 Tank of Thailand Army

10 Agustus 2016

RTA operates ex-US Army 53  M60A1 RISE and 125 M60A3 TTS. (photos : Elbit Systems)

The report has been published on the May that Thai Army has upgrade M60A3 Tank action by R. Elliot (presumably with Israel Military Industries, or IMI, with Elbit Systems) at least one vehicle, the latest video images in the above from Elbit Land Systems and C4I cooperation with Thailand to continue to improve the Army's M60A3 tank Battalion, 17th cavalry Guards cavalry Brigade 2.

The upgrade scoupe consisted of artillery tank that will continue to be based on a 105mm tank cannon M68 (L7), the Israel patent domestic production and install a camera aimed and fire control system within the new implementation, testing the movement of the vehicle and fired day and night during the last month of July. 

The results of the testing goes well, the main tanks M60A3 Improved higher accuracy in shooting, but this is no more details of the project. However, will improve Tank M60A3 the test evaluates the least 5 units (one platoon) or not , or to upgrade all of the M60A3 tanks (5th Cavalry Battalion and 17th Guards Cavalry Brigade) and M60A1 (20th Tank Battalion Cavalry Guards) to complete or not, there is no information.


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