01 Agustus 2016

The Scorpion's Sting

01 Agustus 2016

 Scorpion light tank of the PA (photo : Asian Military Review)

The Philippine Army, as part of its acquisition of additional 114 BAE Systems’ M-113A2 armoured personnel carriers from the United States, is in the process of fitting 76mm gun turrets to fourteen of these vehicles.

M113A2 APC of the PA (photo : pdff)

These turrets are being retrofitted from Alvis FV101 Scorpion tracked reconnaissance vehicles that have been retired from Philippine Army service. The force procured a total of 65 of these vehicles. Their turrets can deliver high explosive, smoke, anti personnel (canister) and anti-armour fires out to 2.2 kilometres (1.3 miles). Once upgraded, the M-113A2 platforms will act as fire support vehicles for the Philippine Army’s mechanised infantry. A similar configuration is employed by the Australian Army.

The enhancement of these M-113A2 vehicles represents one of the latest efforts of the Philippines to modernise its armed forces, in light of the People’s Republic of China’s increasingly muscular strategic posture in the South and East China Seas.

 (Asian Military Review)

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