02 September 2016

10th Infantry Division to Receive Brand New Kia Trucks

02 September 2016

Kia KM450 truck (photo : timawa)

DAVAO CITY (PIA)- The Army’s 10th Infantry Division will receive around 80 brand new Kia KM450 ¼ ton military trucks.   

Capt. Rhyan Batchar spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division said the trucks have started arriving on Aug. 31 with the majority to arrive on September 2.   

“These trucks will be distributed to the battalions.” Batchar said.   The KM450 made by South Korean automobile firm Kia Motors is a light all-terrain military truck which can accommodate 12 to 13 troops.  

The truck is a  modern license-produced version of the US Army’s M715 truck. The KM450 is also used by the South Korean Army.   

The acquisition of the trucks is part of the Armed Forces modernization program, aside from providing mobility to troops in combat operations they can also be used in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations 


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