03 September 2016

Government Confirms Hyundai Shipbuilder Building Frigates for Navy

03 September 2016

A scale model of an HHI HDF-3000 Frigate shown at the ADAS 2014 defence exhibition in Manila. HHI proposed modification design of HDF-3000 frigate. Refering the specification for tender, new frigate has displacement of 2.000 tonnes and 95 meters in length (photo : Roy Kabanlit)

Hyundai Heavy Industries wins DND's missile-armed frigate project

MANILA (PNA) --- The Department of National Defense (DND) has awarded its two missile-armed frigates project to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

This was confirmed to the PNA Friday by DND public affairs service chief Arsenio Andolong.

"NOA was given to HHI as GRSE (Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd) was post-disqualified after it was determined that their Net Financial Capacity was insufficient and therefore not in compliance with Republic Act 9184 (Government Procurement Policy Board)," he added.

GRSE along with HHI was one of the six proponents in the DND's frigate program.

In the NOA, HHI offered PHP15,744,571,884 for the two frigates.

Andolong said there is still no schedule on when the actual contract will be awarded.

The DND has allocated the sum of PHP18 billion for the acquisition of two missile-capable frigates, with PHP16 billion going to the construction of the ships and PHP2 billion for its munitions.

The ships will be armed with a variety of sensors and weapons capable of detecting and neutralizing air, surface, and submarine threats.

It will be also capable of electronic warfare.

Aside from this, the frigates, according to their technical specifications, must be capable of performing of extended maritime patrol with an embarked naval helicopter and extended maritime surveillance capability through air-and-surface-search radar, and sound navigation and ranging (sonar) for sub-surface search.

It will be armed and fitted a variety of air-to-air, anti-ship, and anti-submarine weapons. (PNA)

Philippines acquiring 2 warships it can reproduce in future

Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea was reportedly awarded to build Philippine Navy’s 2 brand-new frigates under the Frigate Acquisition Program of the government. Contract for the said program is expected to be signed by the Philippine government and the South Korean shipbuilder within 2 weeks.

In a Supplemental Bid Bulletin informing prospective bidders of changes in the bidding documents including the Technical Specifications of the Frigate Acquisition Program released February 2 this year, the Department of National Defense stipulated that the government is acquiring frigates with design that the Philippine Navy can have ownership or license to manufacture/build in future.

The revised technical specification also showed that the frigates should be at least 95 meters long and have a displacement of at least 2000 tons.

The frigates should also able to “survive at Sea State 7”, previously “able to operate at Sea State 6”; with no degradation of anti-air, anti-surface, and electronic warfare capabilities at Sea State 5 and no degradation of anti-submarine warfare capability at Sea State 4.

It will be capable of accomodating a 12-ton helicopter (from 10-ton) at flight deck, and should also have a hangar for a 10-ton helicopter. (Update)

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  1. Kalau lihat skala gambar diatas Rasanya gak mungkin 95 meter,105-110 meter masuk akal, 95 meter sepanjang KRI bung Tomo.

    1. Bisa saja. Buang ruang untuk vls maka panjangnya dpt dipendekkan sebanyak 10 meter. Dengan 170 juta dolar untuk satu kapal, saya rasa speknya ialah 8 asm korsel yg blum teruji, satu launcher mistral simbad yg sgt murah dan sonar serta torpedo yg agak ketinggalan zaman.

    2. Dont forget Slow engines and also short range and less capable radar. AshM will probably less than 8. Torpedo may use a lightweight blue shark torpedo.

    3. Well for the pinoys that a super advance already. Malaysia and indonesia will classify these ships as corvettes but for pinoys its a frigate. I pity them very much.