05 Oktober 2016

Australian Navy Receives First SM-2 Missile for Hobart AWD

05 Oktober 2016

SM-2 Block III/IIIA/IIIB Medium Range launched from the MK 41 Vertical Launcher System (VLS) is surface to air missile with range: up to 90 nautical miles (167 km) and guidance system with semi-active radar homing (IR in Block IIIB). (photo : RAN)

Milestone event adds to destroyer capability

In a milestone event for Navy, the inbound Hobart class destroyers will be the first Royal Australian Navy warships to be equipped with the upgraded Standard Missile (SM-2).

The addition is part of an unprecedented investment in Navy capability and improvements in platforms extending into the 2050s and beyond.

According to Director General Explosive Materiel, Commodore Simon Ottaviano, the delivery of the first upgraded Standard Missile (SM-2) All-Up Round marks the culmination of years of planning and dedicated work by multiple stakeholders and represents the introduction of a significant capability investment for Navy.

“This is a milestone event for both Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, and Navy in delivering this capability as it ensures that the new destroyers have the most advanced area air defence weapon available in the world,” Commodore Ottaviano said.

“The DDGs will use the Mk 41 Vertical Launch System where each missile is stored in its own canister until launched. The existing stock of SM‑2 missiles will be converted from rail launch to vertical launch configuration to be used in the destroyers.”

In 'handing over' the first upgraded missile to Director General Logistics - Navy, Commodore Michael Miko, Commodore Ottaviano acknowledged the hard work of the entire team which included the project and maintenance staff within Explosive Materiel Branch, Joint Systems Division, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group.

The air-defence missile is used to defend ships from attack by anti-ship missiles and aircraft and can be used against surface vessels. SM‑2 was introduced into the Navy in 2009 in the Adelaide class frigates to replace the obsolete SM-1.  

In another milestone event NUSHIP Hobart recently completed ship builder sea trials with Defence Industry Minister, The Honourable Christopher Pyne declaring Hobart has proven its hull, propulsion and navigation systems after several days of testing in South Australian waters.

Further sea trials will take place in early 2017 when Hobart conducts more advanced testing of the ship’s combat and communications systems.


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