30 November 2018

Singapore and Indian Armies Conduct Bilateral Artillery Exercise

30 November 2018

The Singapore Armed Forces’ Singapore Light Weight Howitzers firing off in a joint live-firing with the Indian Army at Exercise Agni Warrior 2018 (photos : Sing Mindef)

The Singapore Army and the Indian Army are conducting a bilateral artillery exercise, Exercise Agni Warrior, in Devlali, India, from 12 November to 1 December 2018.  This year’s exercise, the eleventh in the series, involves 175 troops from the 23rd and 24th Battalions, Singapore Artillery, and 80 troops from the Indian Army. The exercise culminated in a joint live-firing involving the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)’s Singapore Light Weight Howitzer, Field Artillery Meteorological System and the Indian Army’s 155mm Field Howitzer 77B. Through the exercise, the two armies enhanced mutual understanding and interoperability, and built strong professional ties.

Held in India since 2004, Exercise Agni Warrior is conducted under the ambit of the Army Bilateral Agreement. The Bilateral Agreement, renewed on 20 November 2018 at the 3rd India-Singapore Defence Ministers’ Dialogue, enables the conduct of the Singapore Army’s artillery and armour training in India and facilitates increased interactions between both armies. The renewal of the Army Bilateral Agreement is testament to the strong and long-standing defence relationship between Singapore and India. At the armed forces level, the SAF and the Indian Armed Forces share a long history of military cooperation, with regular interaction through exercises, military exchanges, visits, courses and other professional exchanges.

(Sing Mindef)

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  4. Malon only use bamboo cannon to exercise šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

  5. Malaysian defence assets worst in Southeast Asia, says Mat Sabu

    In terms of our navy, air force and others in Southeast Asia, we are at the bottom.

    “Vietnam is far ahead, Indonesia is on top while Malaysia is the lowest.

    “It is embarrassing right now for us (on the international stage), but I will work to make Malaysia great again, number one again,” said Mohamad during the Ministers’ Question Time in the Dewan Rakyat, on Thursday.

    However, it remains unknown for now as to whether Mohamad was referring to the quality of the assets, quantity or service level.

    Globalfirepower, a website which assesses the military strengths of countries, in its ‘2018 Military Strength Ranking’ ranked Malaysia in fifth out of nine countries in Southeast Asia, ahead of Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos.


    1. Global fire power is about numbers. The website does not take into account unmeasurable points like strategy, state of readiness, quality. It does not discriminate the functionality of the equipment in detail + performance. The squadron or division and the level of managememt An example would be the number of fighters. In reality, the mig29Ns are a gonner, the su30mkms are not even close to full readiness. Remember the last time we heard there were 4 operational. I wonder werr the 4 even fully operstional at peak readiness. Then became 6. I would like to know the latest update but i think the numbers are less than 10 or less. Then there are 8 F18Ds. They are operational for sure and perhaps the best performing in the RMAF in terms of combat preparedness/readiness. However a proper fighter squadron does not consist of 8 fighters. The bare minimum of a fighter squadron in terms of standards if compared to other airforces would be 12. A full squadron of fighters would be 24. Add on to that, fully equipped to deal with various missions, ammunitions and high readiness percentage is what one calls a professional airforce. Able to run multiple sorties.

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