15 April 2009

Australia To Expand Aslav Fleet For Cavalry

1 Maret 1998

The Australian Army is to order 150 additional ASLAV (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle) 8x8 vehicles to equip another two armored reconnaissance battalions. The extra ASLAVs will be ordered under Phase 3 of the ASLAV Project (Land 112). These will supplement the Darwin-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment which has operated the type since August 1995.

Australian ASLAV (photo : DoD Australia)

The acquisition is one of seven capital equipment procurement projects approved by the cabinet and outlined by defense minister Ian McLachlan on 2 December last year.

Industry sources indicate that one of the units earmarked to receive the ASLAVs is the 2/14 Light Horse (Queensland Mounted Infantry) based near Brisbane, which operates M-113A1 armored personnel carriers (APCs) and light reconnaissance vehicles (modified M-113A1s).

Australian ASLAV (photo : Wikimedia)

This follows reconsideration of land force operations under the Strategic Review released late last year and the cancellation of Project Mulgara (Land 123), under which several hundred lightweight 4x4 surveillance/reconnaissance vehicles were planned. The army opted for wheeled armored vehicles of an existing design to conduct tactical reconnaissance in the remote north of Australia. The 150 vehicles will consist of 82 ASLAV-25s, 18 ASLAV-S (surveillance), 16 ASLAV-C (command), 13 ASLAV-PC (Bison-based APC), 11 ASLAV-F (fitters), 5 ASLAV-R (recovery), and 5 ASLAV-A (ambulance) variants. The family is made up of locally modified versions of the Mowag Piranha LAV.

Type 2 ASLAV hulls can be reconfigured in the field to suit mission requirements (APC, surveillance, command, ambulance) using different Multi-Role Installation Kits (MRIK). British Aerospace Australia (BAeA) will undertake local assembly and fit out (hulls manufactured by Diesel Division General Motors, Canada; turrets by Delco) of the Phase 3 ASLAVs as in Phases 1 and 2 of Land 112.

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