24 April 2009

Russia Completes Design Of Vietnamese Corvettes

24 Maret 1999

Russia's Northern Project Design Bureau (SPKB) has completed the design work on the KBO 2000 (Project 2100) corvette ordered by Vietnam.

SPKB and Vietnam are still finalising the corvette's combat systems, weapons fit and the start date for the ship's construction. The 2,000-tonne corvette is planned to be armed with the Uran (SS-N-25Switchblade) anti-ship and the Klinok (SA-N-9 'Gauntlet') anti-aircraft missile systems, 100mm gun, two 30mm guns and torpedo launchers. It will also feature a helicopter landing platform.

KBP-2000 : new Russia's design corvette for Vietnam (photo : Militaryphotos)
Designer General of the SPKB, Vladimir Yukhnin, said that co-operative work on KBO 2000 marks a new stage in the Russian-Vietnamese co-operation in military ship building, which has proved its effectiveness in the BPS 500 patrol boat programme.

The patrol boats are under production at the Hoshimin shipyard in Vietnam, with technical support from SPKB. The first BPS 500 is undergoing sea trials. The 530-tonne BPS 500 boats are armed with a 76mm gun, a 30mm close-in weapons system, Uran anti-ship missiles, Igla (SA N-10'Gimlet') air defence missiles and two 12.7mm heavy machine guns. The Vietnamese Navy has in service seven frigates, seven landing ships, about 100 missile, torpedo and patrol boats, mainly of Soviet design.

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