26 April 2009

STK 155mm FH-88 Gun Howitzer for Indonesia

26 Januari 2000

Ordnance Development and Engineering of Singapore (ODE), a company of Chartered Industries of Singapore, developed a 155 mm gun-howitzer with a 39 calibre barrel known as the FH-88. Early in 2000 the company became part of Singapore Technologies Kinetics. There were five prototypes produced over a period of four years beginning in 1983. These were followed by a pre-production batch of six 155 mm FH-88 gun-howitzers that incorporated a number of improvements as a result of trials with the prototype weapons.

First production FH-88s were completed in 1987, with the weapon becoming operational with the Singapore Army the following year. It is believed that a total of 52 systems were built for the Singapore Army. These replaced Israeli older Soltam Systems 155 mm M71S (with the S standing for Singapore, as they have been modified) systems which have been placed in reserve.
FH-88 of the Indonesia Army (photo : Sthirayudha2)

Indonesia took delivery of five 155 mm FH-88 systems in 1997. It is understood that these were brand new weapons. The 155 mm/39 calibre FH-88 has been followed in production by the Singapore Technologies Kinetics 155 mm/52 calibre FH2000 which is covered in a separate entry. The more recent FH-2000 artillery system uses some components of the FH-88 including the sighting system, APU and the complete family of 155 mm ammunition. More recently Singapore Technologies Kinetics has developed the new 155 mm/39 calibre Pegasus Light Weight Howitzer (LWH) which is already in service with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

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