30 April 2009

Myanmar Seeking 'Alamo' for 'Fulcrums'

28 Maret 2002
R-27/AA-10 Alamo (image : EnemyForces)

Myanmar is seeking to obtain the R-27 (NATO reporting name: A-10 'Alamo') medium- to long-range, infra-red and radar-guided air-to-air missile for 10 MiG-29 ('Fulcrum') interceptor/ground-attack fighters ordered last year. The initiative is likely to cause tremors in neighbouring countries and the USA. The 'Alamo' is produced in six variants with differing guidance systems and ranges.

While the US Department of Defense declined to comment, a US State Department official said the USA continues to impose a ban on weapons sales to Myanmar due to that country's "dismal" human rights record and supports other countries that have similar prohibitions. The official noted that the US government voiced its concerns to the Russian government at the time of the MiG-29 sale. "Obviously, if we are concerned about the aircraft themselves, we would be concerned about any associated systems" like the missiles, the official added.

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