12 April 2009

GIAT Industries offers upgraded AMX-10P Marines To Indonesia and Singapore

1 Januari 1996

An upgrade for the amphibious AMX-10P Marines infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), in service with Indonesia and Singapore, is being offered by GIAT Industries. The aim of the upgrade is to offer improved amphibious capability and extend its range of weapons systems.

Indonesia received 24 AMX-10P from France (photo : Bronco1978-Kaskus Militer)

Indonesia also received 10 AMX-10 PAC-90 (photo : Bronco1978-Kaskus Militer)

The main modifications proposed are as follows:
- anti-corrosion treatment of the hull and various accessories;
- installation of a Baudouin 6 F11 SRX diesel engine developing 300hp, to increase mobility on land and in water;
- larger diameter (305mm) water jets to increase maximum water speed;
- installation of four bilge pumps;
- installation of a large trim vane on the glacis plate;
- streamlined track links for improved hydrodynamic capabilities;
- an emergency pneumatic engine starter;
- watertight engine air intakes and outlets, to ensure chassis integrity in water; and
- a water/water exchanger, enabling cooling of the powerpack during amphibious operations.

The armament options offered, include:
- the TLI 127 turret, armed with one 12.7mm (0.50in) M2 machine gun;
- the Dragar turret, armed with a 25mm M811 dual-feed cannon and 7.62mm co-axial machine gun; and
- the TS 90 turret fitted with a 90mm F4 gun and 7.62mm co-axial machine gun. Over 1,800 standard AMX-10P IFVs were built for the home and export markets, accommodating eight troops plus a three-man crew.

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