17 April 2009

Vietnam To Boost Corvette Fleet

27 Januari 2009

Vietnam is to receive two modified Tarantul II (Type 1241 RE) corvettes from Russia's Vympel joint stock company over the next few months (Jane's Defence Weekly 9 December 1998). The 455-ton corvettes, optimised for tropical conditions, will join two Tarantul I ships which have been in Vietnamese service since 1996.

Tarantul II of Vietnam (photo : Militaryphotos)

As with the the earlier corvettes the new ships will be armedwith two twin launchers for the 45n mile range P-15 Termit-R(SS-N-2D 'Styx') missile, the Igla air defence missile, a 76mmAK-176 gun and two 30mm AK-630M air defence guns. The former Soviet Union/Russia has previously exported 24 Tarantul I and II class corvettes: Bulgaria purchasing two; Finland - one; the former East Germany - five; India - five; Iraq - one; Poland - four; Romania - two; Yemen - two; Vietnam - two. Another 44 were built for Soviet/Russian service. The naval sector represents no more than 14% of Russia's arms exports with a drop in the number of platforms sold in recent years.

Vietnam is considering acquiring Project 12418 vessels armed with quadruple Kh-35 (SS-N-25 'Switchblade') missile launchers. This could involve local assembly (JDW 4 September 1996).

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