15 April 2009

RSN Launches First New Landing Ship Tank

14 Maret 1998
Endurance class Landing Platform Dock (photo : Mindef)

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) launched the first of a new class of locally-built Landing Ship Tank (LST) this morning, 14 March 1998. At the launching ceremony held at the Singapore Technologies Marine (formerly Singapore Technologies Shipbuilding and Engineering) yard in Tuas, Mrs Tony Tan, wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Dr Tony Tan, christened the lead ship, RSS ENDURANCE.

RSS ENDURANCE is the first of four new LSTs acquired by the RSN to replace the Navy’s existing ex-County class LSTs. The current five LSTs , acquired from the United States Navy in the 1970s, are becoming highly uneconomical to operate and maintain, having been in operational service for more than 50 years. The existing LSTs are reaching the limits of their capabilities in providing expeditious and effective sea transportation of SAF personnel and equipment for overseas training deployments.

Endeavour Landing Platform Dock (photo : Warbirds)
The new LSTs have been designed to fully meet the SAF’s requirements for sea transportation as well as carry out the role of supporting the RSN’s Midshipman sea training deployments. Innovative features will allow the new LSTs to be operated by 65 personnel as compared to the 130 personnel required to man the RSN’s present LSTs. With a larger sea lift capacity and a higher cruise speed of 15 knots, the new LSTs will be able to transport SAF personnel and equipment to overseas training areas using fewer vessels and personnel and more quickly. This will result in greater operational and cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Endurance class cutaway (image : Geocities)

The new LSTs, like the RSN’s Fearless class Patrol Vessels, are designed and constructed by local shipbuilders, Singapore Technologies Marine. All four ships are scheduled to be completed by the year 2001 when the present LSTs will be retired from service. The LSTs come under the command of the RSN’s Third Flotilla of the Fleet.

Sumber : Mindef

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