29 April 2009

BAE SYSTEMS Completes First Rapier Upgrade

12 Desember 2001
BAe's Rapier of the Australian Army (photo : Army Recognition)

BAE Systems Customer Solutions and Support has completed the refurbishment of the first of 20 Rapier ground-based air defence missile systems for the Australian Army.

The on-time delivery of the refurbished system is the first contract milestone and completes the pilot program for the LAND 140 project.

The refurbishment was conducted by the company's Australian Product Support Group and will extend the life of the Rapier system for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). This will allow the ADF to maintain this important air defence capability, at an improved performance standard, while it considers a future air defence system, planned under JP117.

The refurbished Rapier system will provide improved supportability and operability for the life of the equipment in Australian service. The systems have also been upgraded to B1M standard, equivalent to those systems in service with other key user countries.

The project has a through-life support element to 2006 with the first eight systems due into service in mid-2002.

"The refurbishment is a sensible upgrade for Australia that brings the system to a standard equivalent to key user customers around the world," said Mike Brownhill, Operations Director, BAE Systems Customer Solutions and Support. "We have exceeded our own expectations and those of the customer."

BAE Systems has supported the Rapier System for more than 20 years. It has worked closely with Matra BAe Dynamics, the Rapier design authority, and the Australian Army on a guided weapons strategy that led to the development of LAND 140.

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