26 April 2009

Thailand Selects ASCOD Light Tank

27 Oktober 1999

Ascod 105 : Until 2009, this deal has not realised yet (photo : Army Technology)

The Royal Thai Marine Corps has selected the ASCOD light tank forits requirements and expects to place an order with Austria's Steyr-Daimler-Puch for 15 vehicles plus one command post vehicle and one repair and recovery vehicle. This is the first export orderfor the ASCOD light tank.

Other contractors understood to have been competing for this requirement include the US companies Textron Marine & Land System swith the latest Stingray II and United Defense LP with the M8 Armored Gun System, both of which are armed with a 105mm rifled gun. The Royal Thai Army already operates 106 of the earlier Stingray I light tank.

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