28 April 2009

Laos Acquired Ka-32T Helicopter From Russia

28 November 2000
Type of Kamov Ka-32 helicopter which acquired by Laos (photo : Kamov)

Laos and Russia signed a defence co-operation pact in July 1997. The Laotian air force received 12 Mi-17s in 1998-1999. Laos also acquired six Ka-32T Helix transports, the first of which was delivered in June 2000.

Also in 1998-1999, Indian manufacturer HAL was awarded a maintenance deal for 29 MiG-21s, but this collapsed once it was evident the MiG-21’s structural life had expired.

The transport aircraft are operated jointly with the national airline, Lao Aviation, which also has Chinese-built Y-12 (II)s and Y-7s.

Sumber : Flight International

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