19 April 2009

Singapore Army Gets New Anti-Tank Weapon

13 Juli 1999
Spike anti-tank weapon used by Singapore Army (photo : Militaryphots)

The Army will soon be using a new anti-tank weapon known as SPIKE. Capable of engaging armoured targets up to 4 km away, SPIKE is an advanced anti-tank weapon that can destroy modern tanks fitted with enhanced protection under all weather conditions, day and night.

Soldiers attending the SPIKE course conducted by the School of Infantry Weapons (SIW) demonstrated how the SPIKE effectively engaged and scored a direct hit at a tank-target located at about 2km away. The Army acquired the SPIKE system to replace the 106mm Recoilless Gun which has been in service since the early Seventies. The SPIKE will be used by the SAF's Infantry and Guards units.

Witnessing the capabilities of the SPIKE system at the Sungei Gedong Live Firing Area this morning, 13 Jul 99 was the Minister of State for Defence and Minister of State for Information and the Arts, Mr David Lim.

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