19 April 2009

RSAF Receives Its First KC-135 Aircraft

13 September 1999

KC-135 of the RSAF (photo : Airliners)

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) received its first KC-135 aircraft at a Roll-Out Ceremony on 10 Sep 1999. The Chief of Air Force, Major-General (MAJ-GEN) Raymund Ng, received a plaque from Boeing, symbolising the delivery of the aircraft to the RSAF. The ceremony was held at the Boeing Military Programs - Wichita Division Modification Facility in Kansas.

The KC-135 aircraft is capable of refueling aircraft in mid-air. It will be used to support the RSAF's fighter aircraft and ferry SAF troops and equipment for overseas detachments, exercises and training.

The RSAF acquired four KC-135s from the United States Air Force (USAF) in Sep 1997, to replace the ageing KC-130s. The addition of these tankers to the RSAF Order Of Battle (ORBAT) marks a substantial leap in the operational capability of the RSAF. The aircraft will be stationed in the United States for the RSAF Peace Guardian detachment's training purposes , and will be brought back to Singapore sometime next year.

Since 1998, the RSAF personnel had been training with the experienced USAF under the Peace Guardian programme. Training in a realistic environment has allowed the RSAF to build up its operational capabilities and take full advantage of the KC-135s being delivered to the air force.

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