08 April 2009

Howitzer Upgrade Offer by RDM to Malaysia

20 April 1994
FH-70 of the Royal Malaysia Army (photo : Kbmyaf)

Dutch company RDM is offering an upgrade package for the US 105 mm M102 towed howitzer. It builds on experience gained in upgrading the older 105 mm M101 towed howitzer. The upgrade package is being offered to Malaysia, which is understood to have about 40 M102s.RDM proposes replacing the M102 ordnance with a 105 mm 33 calibre gun, allowing it to fire the new Eurometaal Extended Range M1 high explosive projectile to a range of 19,500 m. This has recently completed development and is ready for volume production on receipt of firm orders.

The 1960s vintage M102 has a maximum range of 11,500 m in its original version, firing a standard HE M1 projectile. RDM has also completed a study to upgrade the older Russian 130 mm M-46 field gun, which has a maximum range of just over 27,000 m using current ammunition. The conversion would involve replacing the ordnance with a new 155 mm 45 calibre gun with a maximum range of 39,000 m firing an extended range full bore base bleed projectile.

Meanwhile, it has been disclosed that the Malaysian Army has taken delivery of a further three 155 mm FH-70 towed howitzers from the UK's Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd, bringing the total number of the weapons in Malaysian service to 12. The FH-70 is the largest calibre weapon in Malaysian service.

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