23 Juli 2009

India Launches Soldier-Gear Effort

23 Juli 2009

F-INSAS : Futuristic Infantry Soldier As A System (image : Bharat Rakshak)

India plans to to develop weapons and gear for individual soldiers through a public-private effort called Futuristic Infantry Soldier-As-A-System (F-INSAS), Defence Minister A. K. Antony told Parliament on July 22.

"Integrated Management System with Public-Private-Partnership is contemplated in order to produce cost-effective system in large quantity," Antony said.

The gear will improve soldiers' firepower, communications, and mobility.

A July 22 ministry statement said, "The Qualitative Requirements for F-INSAS is being finalized together by the developer and army, identifying critical technologies requirements."

One ministry official said two critical technologies will be designed and developed by the state's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) - a multicaliber individual weapon and an air-bursting grenade.

Other arms and gear will include anti-tank guided missiles, thermal sights and launchers; bulletproof vehicles; anti-materiel rifles; advanced carbines; surveillance radars; ground sensors; secure communications; guided ammunition; laser rangefinders; and light clothing and bulletproof jackets.

New clothing will include nuclear-biological-chemical protection.

(Defense News)

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