14 Juli 2009

Trials Success for EWSP Suite

14 Juli 2009

The Echidna flight trials on a Black Hawk will take place in late 2009 (photo : Australian Defence).

The Echidna 2A Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) system that will soon equip the Australian Army's Black Hawk helicopter fleet has successfully completed another series of critical flight trials.

BAE Systems confirmed that it had jointly conducted with the DMO a full airborne trial of the Echidna system over the Woomera area in May.

The EWSP system included BAE Systems Australia's indigenous ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver and EW Controller.

These elements, as well as specially selected missile approach sensors and chaff/flare dispensers to complete the Echidna suite, were installed in a BAE Systems-designed flight test pod mounted on a Lear jet.

Graeme Bent, BAE Systems Echidna Program Manager, said the main objectives of the latest Echidna test flights had been to demonstrate system level maturity and to gather valuable flight data.

He said the latest trial exercised the whole system, including full countermeasures tactics functionality, in-flight training, and other features unique to the Echidna system.

All test objectives were achieved, he said.

Actual flight trials on a Black Hawk will take place in late 2009.

(Australian Defence)

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