23 Juli 2009

Ouessant has Fulfilled the Mission

23 Juli 2009
SSK Ouessant : completed the mission (photo : Secure Malaysia)

DCNS Contributes to Creation of Malaysia's First Submarine Force

Following a major refit by DCNS, conventional-propulsion submarine Ouessant was recommissioned in November 2005 for an at-sea training programme for Malaysian submariners. The submarine had been decommissioned in 2001 after entering active service with the French Navy in 1978. During the training programme, SSK Ouessant logged 9,000 hours under water. Today, on returning to port after its final mission, SSK Ouessant will have completed a major contribution to the creation of Malaysia's first submarine force.

The contract signed by DCNS and the Royal Malaysian Navy in 2002 called for the delivery of two Scorpene submarines and an extensive crew training package by DCI/Navfco.

At-sea training has been a key component of this package. Given that SSK Ouessant was built in the 1970s and considering the demands of repeated training exercises, special attention was paid to the condition of each item of shipboard equipment.
Ouessant is a French's SSK submarine (Agosta class) which recomissioned for training programme for RMN crew (photo : Defence Talk)

Almost 170 Malaysian submariners benefited from training aboard the Ouessant. In the course of the four-year programme, DCNS ensured nearly 500 days of at-sea availability and the boat spent over 9,000 hours submerged.

Following their training aboard the Ouessant, the RMN's first submarine crew took control of their first boat, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, delivered on 26 January 2009. Coming soon, the first RMN Scorpene set off on the voyage to its home port.

The support contract awarded to DCNS in October 2003 called for:
- Six months planning and preparation, a 14-month refit, completed in September 2005, including the inspection of 20,000 items
- Ongoing maintenance during the four-year training programme, including 12 minor overhauls at regular intervals
- Supply of spares for the duration of the contract
- Configuration and obsolescence management.

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