20 Juli 2009

URO VAMTAC to Receive the Malaysian Army Hummer

20 Juli 2009

To 12.7 mm machine gun platform for the URO VAMTAC high-mobility tactical sport utility vehicle.(photo : KLSR)

Kuala Lumpur: Minister of Defence confirmed that the army has been delivered to the Malaysian 73 URO VAMTAC high-mobility tactical sport utility vehicle.

Malaysian Army in 2009 April 13-28 in Kota Tinggi Johor Tg Logok the "king of bows and arrows," the exercise (Ex Panah Jaguh) in IGLA anti-aircraft missiles with a URO VAMTAC the highly mobile tactical sport utility vehicle, for the first time appearance, and conducted live-fire.

IGLA anti-aircraft missiles with the URO VAMTAC high mobility tactical sport utility vehicle, conducted a live firing. (photo : KLSR)

Malaysian Army DSA 2008 in URO VAMTAC procurement of 85 high-mobility tactical sport utility vehicle as a mobile weapons platform. The contract value of 56.1 million ringgit. 85 In this highly mobile tactical URO VAMTAC off-road vehicles, including 25 for IGLA anti-aircraft missiles to Taiwan of motorized vehicles, 24 for the METIS-M anti-tank missile platform, AGL 40 to 24 mm grenade launcher platform and 12 to 12.7 mm machine-gun platform.


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