15 Januari 2010

40 Gripen Technician Training in Sweden

15 Januari 2010

Martin Erlandsson shows one of the many manuals as an engineering to grapple uses. (photo : Sweden Military)

First Session of The Gripen

The first Thai flight engineers to be trained on the JAS 39 Gripen has arrived in the Armed Forces Technical School (Air Force) in Halmstad. Thailand has bought six Gripen planes and now 40 engineering training in Sweden.

The 20 technicians who have just arrived in the Air Force takes first tour of the hangar and will now first look at the reality that they plan to work with in the future.

- If you are going to download encryption keys, this is about doing it, "says Martin Lennartsson, and points to a panel on the planet's side.

- Who is responsible for managing the task? asks one of the Thai engineers.

– Good question, answer Martin Lennartsson. There are things that you yourself have to come up with during your introduction. The training they must receive type training at the Air Force called on the JAS 39 Gripen. Engineering from the Czech Republic and Hungary, which has also set Gripen, has received the same training at the school and the teachers handle shrouds both teaching English and meeting with different cultures.

- There will be a major shift for the Thai engineers, they may change both the environment and culture, and so the change of aircraft, "said Pedro Fortea on JAS-section. A move away from the aircraft, Thailand today has to grapple is like going from second to fourth generation aircraft in a single step.

High Technological Level

Just the level of technology is also what the Thai engineers themselves are looking forward most to grapple with:

- Gripen is a great fighter, "said Colonel Pichead Rungsindhu, and we become the first team who will work with the plane. With the high technological level that the Gripen has, we will become a leader in Asia.

During one semester is now the 20 technicians that are trained at the Air Force, and in autumn it will be practical limits on the Wing F 7 and F 17. By autumn, a new wave of Thai engineering in Sweden on education.

International Contacts

In pace with the growing export of JAS 39 Gripen is also growing opportunities for pilots and engineering in the Swedish Armed Forces to work with international contacts and training, at home or in service abroad. From November, a Swedish support group of eleven persons to be in Thailand to support the country in the introduction of the Gripen, in a similar manner as in Hungary and the Czech Republic, and Martin Lennartsson from F17 to show the students the control panels today is one of those included in the team.

- It's an exciting challenge, "he says. I have previously been in Hungary for three and a half years, and enjoy working as a teacher and help colleagues to use our systems properly. I myself have better language skills and get to meet other cultures.

(Sweden Military)

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